Judges 16 Bible Study


Judges 16 Outline


– Samson pulled off and carried the city gate of Gaza to the mountain top (Judges 16:1-4)

– Delilah kept on nagging Samson for the secret of his strength (Judges 16:5-18)

– Samson’s strength gone and the Philistines captured him (Judges 16:19-22)

– Samson took a final revenge on the Philistines (Judges 16:23-31)



Judges 16 Summary


Samson went to Gaza and slept with a harlot. The Gazites learned that Samson was in the city so they went to the city gate and laid in ambush for him in the morning. However, Samson only slept with the harlot until midnight. At midnight, he woke up and pulled out the doors of the city. Then, he carried the doors along with the posts on his shoulders up to the hill top. The Gazites did not know that Samson was already out of the city. When they woke up the next morning, they were disappointed that Samson had escaped.


It happened that Samson fell in love with another Philistine woman named Delilah from the Sorek valley. When the Philistine officials learned about it, they bribed Delilah 1100 pieces of silver to trick Samson into telling the secret why he has such as powerful strength. When Delilah asked Samson how he can be defeated, Samson simply answered that he will be defeated if he is bound with 7 moist ropes. The Philistine officials gave Delilah 7 moist ropes and she used them to tie him up. Then, Delilah shouted that the Philistines are coming to get him and Samson woke up. When Samson woke up, he easily broke the ropes without any effort.


Delilah saw that Samson had lied to him so she attempted to ask him again. In turn, Samson said that he will be weak if they used new ropes to tie him. Delilah obtained new ropes from the Philistines and bound Samson with them. Once again, Delilah shouted that the Philistines are coming to get him but Samson easily broke the ropes like they are thread.

Delilah was frustrated that Samson did not tell him the truth about where he get his strength from. When she asked Samson to reveal the source of his strength, he replied that he will be weak if she weaved the seven locks on his head with the web. Delilah did what Samson told her and fastened Samson’s hair with the pin. She cried out that the Philistines were coming to get him but he quickly broke away from it.


Delilah kept on nagging Samson until he couldn’t stand her anymore and wanted to die. Samson gave in and told her that his strength came from his hair. If his hair is cut off, his strength will be like that of an ordinary man. Delilah lulled Samson to sleep. After Samson fell asleep, Delilah shaved off the seven locks on his head. This time, when Delilah cried out that the Philistines are coming to get him, Samson found that he no longer has the strength to break away. The Philistines captured Samson and dug out his two eyes so that he can’t see anymore. After that, they made him grind in the prison.

As time passed, the hair on Samson started to grow again. One day, the Philistines were having a feast at the temple of Dagon. They asked for Samson to be brought out so that he can entertain them. When the people saw Samson, they praised their god for delivering him into their hands. A boy was leading Samson by the hand. Samson asked the boy to lead him to the pillars of the house.


Samson prayed to God to give him one last chance to avenge the Philistines for what they had done to him. Immediately, the Holy Spirit filled him and he pushed down the two pillars of the temple. The whole temple collapsed and everyone in it died. Samson killed more people at the temple of Dagon than he had in his lifetime. After Samson died, his family came and collected his corpse. They buried him between Zorah and Eshtaol, the burial place of his father.



Judges 16 Bible Study


1. It is never too late to turn to God for help

God is a gracious God. The story of Samson and Delilah teaches us that it is never too late to seek God. God gave Samson one more chance by letting his hair grow. As long as we repent and confess our sins to God, God will always accept us. Repent means to not commit the same sin again in the future. By fully repenting your sins and turning towards God, you will be a new creation in Christ. Once you have repented, you can ask God to help you in your problem. Sin will cause God to be far away and not listen to our prayer. Therefore, it is very important that you repent and confess your sins to God before asking for his help. If you need help in overcoming your sins, you can sincerely pray for God’s help to strengthen you.


2. Christians must die to their old selves

Samson’s death is portrayed as the death of the old self of a new born Christian. Samson asked God to let him die so that he can overcome his enemies. Every new born Christian must die to their old self, that is, to get rid of the bad habits that you are accustomed to do in the past. Once you are a new creation in Christ, you must carry your cross and abide in God’s words every day. Samson was not a faithful follower of God during his lifetime on earth. Although he did not honor God during his lifetime, the Holy Spirit still come upon him and gave him strength to fight the enemies. It shows that God can use anyone regardless of your sex, age, and background. No matter how bad you are, God is still able to use you.