Judges 17 Bible Study


Judges 17 Outline 


– Micah admitted stealing the silver from his mother (Judges 17:1-2)

– Micah returned the silver to his mother (Judges 17:3-4)

– Micah’s mother used the silver to build an idol (Judges 17:5-6)

– Micah hired a Levite to be a priest at his household shrine (Judges 17:7-13)


Judges 17 Summary


Micah, a man from the Ephraim tribe, admitted to his mother that he was the one that stole the 1,100 shekels of silver from her. Micah told her that he was present at the time when she called down curses on the one that stole the silver from her. After that, he returned the silver to his mother. His mother in turn blessed her son and did not curse him at all.


Micah’s mother dedicated all the silver to her son. Then, she requested him to make an idol out of it. However, Micah did not want the silver and returned them back to his mother again. His mother used 200 shekels of silver instead to hire a skill craftsman to make the idol. Micah has a shrine where he stored all the household gods, ephod and teraphim. At that time, the Israelites did what they see fit in their eyes because there was no king.


One day, a Levite who used to be priest for Bethlehemjudah met with Micah. Micah asked the Levite to stay with him so that he can know what God wants him to do. He promised to pay the Levite 10 pieces of silver, give him a new set of clothing and provide food for him. Micah treated the Levite as one of his own sons and the Levite was very satisfied.


Judges 17 Bible Study


1. Micah is greedy

Micah was a greedy person. He stole a large amount of silver from his mother. The average earnings of the Israelite at that time is about 10 silvers per year and Micah stole 1,100 pieces of silver from his mother. This must have been a large amount of money to Micah’s mother. When his mother discovered that the silvers were stolen, she was disappointed and immediately pronounced curse on the thief.


2. Micah returns the silver not because he fear God

It happened that Micah was present and he heard her mother speaking curses on the thief. Micah was afraid that the curse will fall on him so he decided to return it. Obviously, Micah was a dishonest person, who do not follow God’s commandment. God forbade stealing in the Ten Commandments yet Micah steals his mother’s silver. Micah was not sorry about what he did. He returned it because he did not want anything to happen to his physical self.


3. Micah’s mother did not honor her promise


When Micah’s mother learned that her son stole the silver, she did not rebuke him at all. In fact, she blessed him. Micah’s mother was wrong in not rebuking her son for stealing the silver. As a parent, she should rebuke his son so that he knows that what he did is wrong and not pleasing to God. Micah’s mother rewarded her son’s theft by giving him all the silver. Micah’s mother did not kept her word in giving all the silver to her son.


4. Micah’s mother promoted idolatry


When his son refused, she took only 200 pieces of silver to make an idol. She promotes idolatry by asking the silversmith to make an idol out of the 200 silver. The idol was brought into Micah’s household shrine. This caused Micah to worship idols and sin further in the Lord. Micah was wrong in choosing his own son to be priest in his household shrine. According to the Law of Moses, only the descendants of Levi are allowed to be priests. Yet, Micah and his sons were descendants of Ephraim, the son of Joseph.


5. Christians should always do things in God’s way


Micah’s story is much similar to our circumstance in today’s society. Many Christians like to do things in the ways that they see fit. Many Christians prefer to not obey God’s commandment and do things in their way instead of God’s way. Whenever you are doing something, you must make sure that it is in accordance to God’s commandment. You must make sure that your action is not in clashes with God’s commandment. Therefore, it is very important to read the Bible. If you read the Bible, you will have a deeper understanding of what God requires of you. In this way, you will know how to walk in the truth.