Judges 18 Bible Study


Judges 18 Outline


– The Danites as Micah’s priest for advice (Judges 18:1-6)

– The Danites found land (Judges 18:7-10)

– The Danites stole Micah’s idols and priest (Judges 18:11-26)

– The Danites captured Laish (Judges 18:27-31)



Judges 18 Summary


The Danites were looking for some land to settle down. Other tribes have lands of their own but the Danites did not have any that they can call their own. The Dan tribe chose 5 warriors to find land. The five men came to spend the night at the house of Micah because they found out the Levite was staying there. When they learned that the Levite is a priest, they asked him to seek God’s advice whether they will succeed in getting a land for their tribe. The Levite priest replied that God is pleased with what they were doing.


The Danites found the town of Laish. The town of Laish did not have a fortress. Furthermore, the town was far away from other towns. The people of Laish were from Sidon but Sidon is too far away. Therefore, if the Danites made an attack on the city, they will surely win the battle because there is no one that will come to their aid.


When the spies returned, they reported everything to their relatives. They decided to depart and go to attack the town of Laish. While they were on their way, they turned into the house of Micah to steal his idols and priestly vest. When the Levite saw what they are doing, they calmed him by asking him to be the priest of their whole clan. The Levite thought for a while and he really like to serve the whole tribe instead of one household.


Thus, the Levite took the household god and vest and left with the Danites. When Micah learned about it, he gathered a few men from the neighborhood to chase after them. Micah finally overtook them but the Danites threatened to kill him and his family if he dares to take back his idols.


The Danites made a surprise attack on the town of Laish. Just as they expected, the people of Laish were unprotected from their enemies. They killed everyone in the city and burnt it down. After that, they rebuilt the city and renamed it as Dan. The Levite became their priests. His descendants continued to be the priest of the Danites in Laish until they were captured by the enemies.



Judges 18 Bible Study


1. The Danites never really seek God’s will

From the beginning, God already assigned the Danites a land of their own under the direction of Joshua (Joshua 19:51). However, the Danites did not like the land that God assigned them so they decided to relocate to other places. When they came to Micah’s house, they asked the Levite for God’s approval of their plan. The Levite had no authority to approve the Danites’ plan because only the high priest at the worship place can give people real counsel from God. The Levite just simply says that God is pleased with their plan without knowing it is really hearing the voice of God. The Danites too did not care much about that. If the Danites were serious about seeking God’s plan, they would have travel up to the worship place to seek advice from the high priest.


2. The Danites coveted other lands instead of staying in the land God assigned them earlier

Later that day, the Danites found the city of Laish and decided to conquer it because it was a city without protection. The neighboring cities were too far away so there is no chance that people will come and help defend Laish. Just like the Danites many Christians often don’t have patience in waiting for God’s will. It is wrong to covet what other people have. We must learn to be satisfied and happy with what we already have. Good Christians are not materialistic. We should not covet to have lots of possessions such as large house, expensive car and etc if we cannot afford them. Even then, we should strive to always live a simple life and not be materialistic.


3. Micah is so far away from God that he felt he has nothing left after the idols were stolen

While the Danites were on their way to conquer Laish, the 5 spies told other men that there was a man that kept golden idols and a priest at his house. After listening to the advice of the 5 spies, the men turned into the road that leads to Micah’s house. They stole Micah’s idols and quickly leave. The Danites did not worship the Lord as their only God. They also worship other foreign gods. The priest also followed the Danites because they offer him to be priest for the whole tribe. Micah was sad upon learning that his idols were stolen. Micah thought that his god is the idol so he felt that he has nothing left when they had taken away them. The household gods are man-made and cannot protect themselves. But it seems as though Micah is trying to protect his household god. Micah was already far from God and did not have a fellowship with him so he felt like he had nothing else left.


4. Keeping idols in the house open doorways to the devil

It is wrong to keep idols in the house. Satan can possess any physical object including the idols. After you become a new born Christian, you must get rid of every single idolatry objects even if you are not worshipping it. Keeping idols in the house open a doorway for Satan and the demons to enter into your life.