Judges 19 Bible Study


Judges 19 Outline


– A woman ran away from her Levite husband (Judges 19:1-2)

– The Levite took the initiative to visit his wife and got her back (Judges 19:3-10)

– The Levite and his wife spent the night at Gibeah (Judges 19:11-20)

– The men of Gibeah raped the Levite’s wife (Judges 19:21-28)

– The Levite cut his wife’s body into twelve pieces (Judges 19:29-30)



Judges 19 Summary


There was a Levite that lived in the hill country of Ephraim. The Levite took a concubine from Bethlehemjudah. His concubine was unfaithful to him. After a period, she returned to her father’s house in Bethlehem. The concubine stayed at her father’s house for 4 months. One day, the Levite decided to depart to her father’s house and bring her back. When the father in law saw him, he was very happy and welcomed him to spend the night. The concubine had decided to return home with the Levite. The Levite stayed at his father in law’s house for 3 days.


On the fourth day, when the Levite wanted to leave, his father in law urged him to stay and have a meal so that he may have enough strength to continue the journey. Because he urged him to stay, he had no choice but to stay. On the fifth day, the Levite wanted to leave but his father in law urged him to stay for lunch. After lunch, the Levite got up to leave but his father in law urged him to stay again. This time, the Levite decided not to stay anymore. He and his concubine arose to depart home.


While they were on their way, they came across Jebus, known as Jerusalem today. His servant asked him to spend the night at Jebus but the Levite refused. The Levite did not wanted to spend the night at Jebus because the people that lived in that city were not Israelites. He told his servant that they should be able to reach Gibeah or Ramah before sunset and spend the night there.


As the sunset, they managed to reach Gibeah but no one was willing to let them stay at their house. Later, they came to sit down on a street. An old man, who was just returning from his work at the field, happened to see them. The old man was originally from the Ephraim tribe but reside in the Gibeah now. He asked the Levite where is from. The Levite told him that he is from the hill country of Ephraim and that they were heading towards the worship place. After that, they will return home to the hill country of Ephraim.


The old man warned them not to stay outside. Then, he welcomed them into his home. He fed straws to his donkeys. They eat and drink all night. Suddenly, some reckless men surrounded the house and asked the old man to hand out the Levite so that they could have sex with him. The old man begged them not to harm the Levite and he was very willing to give them his daughter. The men wouldn’t listen so the Levite took his concubine and shove her outside. The men raped and abused her all night until she had no more strength. At dawn, she climbed up to the doorway of the house and lay there for the whole day.


When the Levite woke up, he called his concubine to get up but there was no response. When he realized that his concubine was dead, he put her corpse on the donkey and rode home. Once he arrived home, he used a knife to cut her body into 12 pieces. He gave one piece to each of the 12 tribes of Israel and asked them what they should do about it. Everyone was surprised at who could have done such a terrible thing.



Judges 19 Bible Study                                                                        


1. Husbands and wives should care for each other’s feelings


Judges 19 talks about how the Israelites unite to take revenge against their own flesh and blood, the Benjamites. The Levite husband was an example of an irresponsible husband who does not care about the feelings of his wife. When the Benjamites asked for the Levite to be brought out, the Levite just shoved his wife outside without caring about what they are going to do to her. He slept until the morning and wasn’t even worried about his wife. When he woke up the next morning, his wife was already dead. In the United States, there is an alarming rate of divorce among Christian spouses. According to the Bible, it is a sin to divorce your spouse unless it is because of marital unfaithfulness. If you just experienced a divorce, you must learn from your mistake and not repeat it in the future.


The story of the Levite teaches us that spouses often neglect to care for each other’s feelings. Instead of quarreling, husbands and wife should love and care for each other. It is important that spouses stay faithful to one another so that their marriage will last long.  The Levite not only let the men of Gibeah to abuse her but he also mutilates her corpse. He cut his wife’s corpse into 12 pieces and sent them to the 12 tribes of Israel. This shows that the Levite does not love his wife at all. Instead of admitting he is the one that let them attack his wife, he put all the blames on his wife.


2. The Israelites did not seek God initially to solve the matter


The Israelites was blind in seeing that the Levite caused the terrible incident to happen. They stood on the Levite’s side and took oath to destroy all the Benjamin people. The Israelites should have settled the matter according to God’s law so that all these trouble wouldn’t have taken place.