Judges 20 Bible Study


Judges 20 Outline


– The Israelites held a meeting to discuss about what to do with the death of the Levite’s Wife (Judges 20:1-11)

– The Israelites attacked the Benjamites (Judges 20:12-20)

– God delivered the Benjamites into the Israelites’ hand (Judges 20:21-48)



Judges 20 Summary


The Israelite assembled together and discussed what they should do about the disgusting matter that the men of Benjamin had done to the Levite’s concubine. The Levite was present in the congregation as well. He stood up to testify everything that had happened to his concubine that night. They sent messengers to Gibeah and asked the people to hand out the men that did the horrible thing. However, they refused to hand out the men who did the wicked thing. Because of this, the Israelites decided to attack Gibeah. The Israelites managed to muster 400,000 men. The Benjamin tribe had about 26,000 warriors. They also had 700 men who could sling rock at a target as thin as a hair and hit it every time.


The Israelites attacked the Benjamites warriors two times but they still did not manage to defeat them. Then, they fasted and prayed to God for help. God told them that he will let them defeat the Benjamites this time. The Israelites decided to change their tactic. They plotted to let the Benjamite men chased them until they were far away from the city. Ten thousand Israelites soldiers already lay in ambush in a place near the city. During the battle, about thirty Israelites were killed in the fields and along the road. The Benjamite soldiers thought they were winning but they did not know they were tricked.


When the Benjamite soldiers were already far away, the ten thousand Israelite soldiers came out from their ambushes and attacked the city. They killed everyone in the city including women and children. Then, they set the city on fire. The smoke from the fire is the signal that the Israelites should turn back and attack the Benjamites. Almost all the Benjamite warriors were killed during the battle except for 600 Benjamites. The 600 Benjamites warriors that managed to survive escape to Rimmon Rock. They stayed at Rimmon Rock for 4 months.


At first, God let the Benjamin killed the Israelites. Many Israelites died as a result of the battle with the Benjamites. However, the Israelites did gain victory at the end of the battle. God listened to the prayer of the Israelites because he was angry at the evil things the Gibeah men did. By destroying the whole Gibeah town, sin will no longer be exposed in the land and defile it. It shows us how important it is to discipline a person if he did something wrong. If a person is not disciplined for his mistake, he will continue to do it. By disciplining the person, you can prevent him from influencing other Christian followers to commit the same mistake. It is important that you don’t shut your eyes to sinner as it can distraught the unity in the church community. In the end, almost all the Benjamites were killed. The whole city of Gibeah was destroyed because of the crime a few men committed.



Judges 20 Bible study


1. Using God’s words to determine right and wrong


The cruel incident can be compared to our society today. Many Christians neglect to use God’s word as their standard for differentiating between right and wrong. Crimes are so prevalent in our society today. Many materials such as television shows, books and magazines often provide negative influence for children and adults. We should have God’s wisdom by learning how to accept the right influence and rejecting the wrong influence. God can heal our broken spirits if we cry out to him for forgiveness. After asking God for forgiveness, we must commit to live our lives according to God’s standards.