Judges 3 Bible Study



Judges 3 Outline


– God sent enemies to build up the Israelites’ skills (Judges 3:1-6)

– Othniel saved the Israelites from King Chushanristhathaim (Judges 3:7-11)

– Ehud delivered the Israelites from King Eglon (Judges 3:12-30)

– Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with a wooden pole (Judges 3:31)



Judges 3 Summary


Another reason that God did not drive out Israel’s enemies is that he wanted the Israelites to learn how to fight properly. Many Israelites married Canaanite women and were tempted into worshipping the foreign gods. The first judge of Israel is Othniel. Othniel was the son of Kenaz, the younger brother of Caleb. The Spirit of God filled Othniel so that he waged war against the Chushanristhathaim. Chushanristhathaim had ruled Israel for 8 years but Othniel finally defeated him. After Chushanristhathaim died, Othniel became the judge of Israel and lived for another 40 years.


After Othniel died, the Israelites started to disobey God again so he sent Eglon to oppress them. King Eglon allied with the Ammonites and Amalekites to attack Israel. He managed to capture the city of Jericho and conquered the Israelites. King Eglon oppressed the Israelites for 18 years and made them pay heavy taxes. When the Israelites regretted their sins, they begged God for help and he sent Ehud from the Benjamin tribe to rescue them. Ehud made a double edged sword and hid it on his right thigh. The dagger was covered by his robe so no one could see it.


After Ehud had sent the taxes to Eglon, he and other Israelites went as far as Gilgal. Later, he turned back and went upstairs to see King Eglon. Ehud told King Eglon that he had a message from god. King Eglon bade his servants to go out of his presence so that he can speak to Ehud. As King Eglon stood up and came closer, Ehud drew out the dagger from under his robe and stabbed into his stomach. The dagger went into the stomach of King Eglon so far that the handle was buried in it. King Eglon was a very fat king. After killing King Eglon, he locked the doors and jumped out of the windows into the porch.


By the time the officials found out that Eglon was died, Ehud had already escaped into a far distance. Ehud quickly assembled the fighting men from the mountain of Ephraim and attacked the Moabite soldiers. The Moabites were so terribly defeated that they could no longer attack Israel until after a long time. Ehud was the judge of Israel for 80 years.

The third judge of Israel is Shamgar, the son of Anath. Shamgar was famous for using a sharp wooden pole to kill 600 Philistines.



Judges 3 Bible Study


1. God will surely punish sinners but he is always forgiving

Judges 3 shows that we will surely receive punishment from God when we turn away from him and disobey his laws. Despite that, God is a loving and merciful God. When we sin, God does not cut us off completely and punish us forever. Instead, he wished for us to come to him for forgiveness. Because mankind has a sinful nature, God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die for us on the cross. Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross so that we can be reconciled with God.


2. Confessing your sins and asking God to help you overcome sins

Through Jesus Christ, our sins can be cleansed by his blood. To receive God’s forgiveness, one must be willing to confess all the wrong things that he had done and commit to live a new life with the help of God. You must use your mouth to confess every single sin that you had confessed. Even if you don’t have the strength to overcome your sin, you should pray to God and ask him to help you.


3. Forgive others first before asking for God’s forgiveness

Before you ask God to forgive your sins, you should forgive others sins. For example, if someone offended you, you should go to the person and tell him you forgive him. Luke 11:4 says that we must forgive others before the Father in heaven will forgive us. When we are truly sorry for our sins, God will listen to our prayer and offer the help we need.