Judges 4 Bible Study


Judges 4 Outline


– Deborah and Barak saved the Israelites from Sisera and his iron chariots (Judges 4:1-24)


Judges 4 Summary


After Shamgar died, the Israelites sinned against God so he sent King Jabin of Hazor to attack them. King Jabin had an army commander called Sisera. Sisera and his army resided in Harosheth. Jabin’s army has 900 iron chariots so the Israelites were unable to fight back. One day, a prophetess, Deborah sat under the palm tree and gave her judgment for the people. She asked for Barak, the son of Abinoam to go to Mount Tabor and gathered 10,000 men of Naphtali and Zebulun to fight Sisera army.


Barak was afraid to go into war alone with Sisera so he asked her to go with him. Barak would not go into war if Deborah did not go with him. Deborah said if she were to go with him, the honor of the victory against Sisera will be given to a woman instead. At this time, Heber, the Kenite was living in the plain of Zaanaim. Heber did not lived with the other members of the Kenite clan because he had separated himself from them. He showed Sisera that Barak and his army had went into Mount Tabor.


When Sisera learned that Barak and his army is going to conquer him, he gathered his army and iron chariots. God have Barak and his victory on that day. The army of Sisera was slain by Barak and his men. SIsera managed to run away to Heber’s tent. He went to Heber’s tent to seek refuge because Heber had a peace treaty with King Jabin. When Jael, the wife of Heber saw Sisera, she went out to meet him. Sisera was thirsty so she gave him some milk.


After Sisera drank the milk, he felt sleepy so Jael covered him with a blanket. Sisera asked Jael to stand guard at the tent; and to tell the people who asked for him that he is not there. After Sisera felt asleep, she hammered a nail into his temple and he died. On that day, God gave Jabin and his army into the hands of the Israelites.



Judges 4 Bible Study


1. Deborah knew how to hear God’s voice


Deborah was a prophetess and judge for the Israelite people. She was a very wise prophetess so people often go to her for advices when they have problems. Deborah knows how to listen to the voice of God and do his will. She did everything that God commanded her instead of following her own will. God commanded Deborah to ask Barak to lead an army against Sisera but Barak refused to go alone. Barak couldn’t see the greatness of God so he does not believe that he will win the war. Barak was afraid of the physical army of Sisere so he couldn’t see how God can give him the victory. He was filled with fear, which kept him from putting all his faith in God that God will deliver him from Sisera’s army. This caused him to ask Deborah to go with him into the war.


2. God can use us regardless of our genders


Deborah is supposed to provide wise counsel while Barak is responsible for leading the army against Sisera. Deborah promised to go with him into the war but she warned him that the honor will be given to a woman. Deborah was willing to be used by God regardless of her gender. God can use anyone regardless of whether you are a man or woman. We should be like Deborah and let God use us, as he see fit.