Leviticus 7 Bible Study


Leviticus 7 Outline


– The rite for the guilt offering (Leviticus 7:1-10)

– The rite for the fellowship offering (Leviticus 7:11-21)

– The Israelites are forbidden to eat fat and blood (Leviticus 7:22-27)

– The share of the priests (Leviticus 7:28-38)



Leviticus 7 Summary


Leviticus 7:1-10 talks about the rite for the guilt offering. The guilt offering is to be slaughtered on the altar of the burnt offering. The priest must sprinkle the blood against all sides of the altar. He must remove the fat tail, fat that cover the inner parts including the kidneys with its fat and covering of the liver and burn them on the altar. The rest will be eaten by the priest’s family in a holy place. This regulation apply to the sin offering and guilt offering. The priest can keep the hide of the burnt offering if he wants.


Leviticus 7:11-21 talks about the rite for the peace offering. If someone offers a peace offering to express thankfulness to God, he is to bring unleavened cakes mingled with oil, unleavened wafers anointed with oil, and cakes mingled with oil, of fine flour, fried. Besides, he is to offer leavened bread. It will belong to the priest who sprinkle the blood of the peace offering. This type of peace offering must be eaten on the same day and cannot have leftover until the next morning. If someone offers a peace offering for a vow or freewill offering, the meat can be kept for two days but must be burned on the third day if there is any leftover. Meat that touches things that are ceremonially unclean cannot be eaten. Anyone who become ceremonially unclean through touching unclean things such as unclean animal, human uncleanness, or other unclean things cannot eat any meat of the peace offerings otherwise he will be cut off from his people.


In Leviticus 7:22-27, the Israelites are forbidden to eat the fat of cattle sheep or goats, whether it is in regard to offering or not. The Israelites are also forbidden to eat blood.


Leviticus 7:28-38 is about the share of the priest. In a peace offering, the offerer will wave the breast before God as a wave offering. The breast and shoulder belong to Aaron and his sons.



Leviticus 7 Bible Study


1. Jesus Christ is our high priest

In Leviticus 7:34, the breast that is waved as a waved offering represents wisdom while the shoulder represents power. Jesus Christ is our high priest, full of wisdom and power. God is the source of all wisdom (James 1:5). He gives wisdom to the people on this earth to invent different things so that we can enjoy it. Therefore, if you want wisdom, you should ask God for it. God is almighty. He is the king of kings and lord of lords (1 Timothy 6:15). There is no other god beside him. There is no other name under heaven by which we could be saved except through Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). The Holy Spirit gives us understanding on the word of God (John 14:26). If you don’t understand the word of God in the bible, you should ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom to read it. Pastors and teachers of the word of God should regularly read and study the bible so that they can teach others about how to walk in God’s commandments.