Nahum 1 Bible Study


Nahum 1 Outline


– Nahum introduced himself (Nahum 1 :1)

– Nahum described the wrath of God (Nahum 1 :2-6)

– God will destroy Assyria completely (Nahum 1 :7-15)



Nahum 1 Summary


In Nahum 1 , the prophet Nahum, from Elkosh, talks about the anger of God against Assyria and how God is going to break its power. Nineveh used to be the capital of Assyria. Assyria was the enemy of God because its people worship idols. God also wanted to destroy the Assyrians because they were extremely cruel in their treatment towards the Israelites.


Nahum tells of God who demands loyalty and desires everyone to worship him. God will take avenge on his enemies and punish them. His enemies are those who do not worship him as their only god. God is merciful and slow in anger. However, those who are guilty and do not turn to him will be punished eventually. God is a sovereign God that create and control the earth so he also has the right to destroy them. When God becomes angry, no one can stand it.


Nahum 1 :7 says that God is good to everyone who show trust in him. God will not show mercy to those who plot against him and do evil things. Nahum 1 :11 claims that one of the rulers in Assyria had made evil plan against the Lord so the Lord is going to destroy it completely. The Ninevites and its city will be destroyed in disarray. King Sennacherib of Assyria had laid siege to the city of Jerusalem during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah. Sennacherib was forced to return to Assyria after an angel of God kill all the men in the Assyrian camp in one night. Sennacherib was shocked about what that happened to the camp so he was forced to return. Later, his sons including Adrammelech and Sharezer assassinated him. (2 Kings 19)


God promised to destroy every idol in the Assyrian temple. God was so angry with them that he wanted to wipe out every single one of its people on earth. Once the Assyrians are destroyed, they will never be able to invade the land of the Israelites again. Good tidings refers to the gospel. The gospel is a news of God’s deliverance from a desperate circumstance. Peace refers to the peace from God. Nahum’s prophesy is one of the prophecies in the Bible that points to the coming of Christ to give peace on earth. Jesus Christ is our peace. Ephesians 2:14 KJV says ‘For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us’.



Nahum 1 Bible Study


1. It is your choice to be a friend or enemy of God

Nahum 1 teaches us that God has friends and enemies. God’s friends are those who trust and obey in his word while god’s enemies are people who choose to sin and disobey his commandments. It is up to us to be God’s friends or enemies. If you want to befriend God, you must follow his commandments and do what he wants you to do.


2. God will grant peace and security to his people

If you are God’s friend, he will give you peace and security. To befriend God, we must let him take in charge of everything we have to have including our houses, jobs, careers, families, and children. When you are planning something, you should tell God and pray about it. Whatever that you consider as precious, you should sacrifice it to God so that God will always be first in your life. Jesus has already showed us that he is our friend by sacrificing his life for us on the Calvary.


3. Accept Jesus as your savior

To be God’s friend, you must first accept him as your personal savior. You must completely trust in Jesus so that you will receive your salvation. You must submit fully to God and let him take in charge of all aspects of your life. Whenever God speaks to you, you must listen and follow his direction. To be a friend of God is to totally surrender yourself to him.


4. God’s mercy and justice

Nahum 2 reveals the two characteristics of God which are mercy and justice. God’s mercy is available to people who are willing to humble themselves and recognize their faults. If you repent from your evil actions, God will always have mercy on you. God’s justice is a comfort to people who are obedient and trust in him. For sinners, the justice of God will yield a destructive consequence towards them.