Nahum 3 Bible Study


Nahum 3 Outline 


– God will punish Nineveh (Nahum 3:1-7)

– God had made up his mind to destroy Nineveh (Nahum 3:8-19)



Nahum 3 Summary


Nineveh is described as a bloody city filled with people that commit robbery and dishonest people. Nahum 3:2-3 describes about the scene of the enemies’ attack on the city of Nineveh. In Nahum 3:4-7, it talks about how the Ninevites ensnare other nations to worship idols by using witchcraft. Because of the cruel things the Assyrians did, the Lord will punish them and turn them into a worthless nation.


Nahum 3:8-14 uses Thebes as a parallel against Nineveh. Thebes was protected by the Nile River although it wasn’t located nearby to the sea. Thebes used to had Egypt and Put as allies. Despite that, its allies were unable to save Thebes from the enemy. Ultimately, the members of the royal family of Thebes were auctioned off while the officials were captured and bound in chains. Now, it is the turn for Nineveh to be attacked by the enemies. During the day the enemy attack, the Ninevites will be so weak that they will easily be defeated.


In Nahum 14-17, it tells the Ninevites soldiers to bring in more water supplies because the city will be under siege. They are to start making bricks with mortar to strengthen the fortress. No matter what they do to prepare for the enemy siege, they will still be defeated eventually. Even if the number of their people multiplies exceedingly, they will still be conquered and wiped out. The merchants that used to trade with the Ninevites will be gone. The powerful leaders that ruled Nineveh once will be gone as well.


Nahum 18-19 describes that there will be some Ninevites will be scattered on the mountains. Once the Ninevites was a powerful nation, now they will be a leaderless people without any power. The doom of Nineveh will last forever so that it will never recover its power again. When Assyria falls, other nations who were once oppressed by them will be delighted.



Nahum 3 Bible Study


1. God is always fair


God is fair and he always does what is right. God’s treatments towards is in accordance with his righteous nature. God had already determined the principles for his people to follow. Sinners will always get their punishments. God never condemns innocent people. God fairly judge us according to our deeds. His treatment is always fair according to the crime we do. The Assyrians sinned so much that God withheld his patience and decided to punish them. God did gave the Assyrians a chance to repent when he sent Jonah to preach to them. Later, the Assyrians sinned again so God decided to bring his punishment on them.


2. God is compassionate and he will always forgive sinners


Nevertheless, God is a compassionate God. He always forgive when we turn back to him. God hates sin. Sin can lead us away from God. Righteousness is God’s character. Real Christian believers will demonstrate qualities of God’s righteous character including caring, honest and etc. Many Christians are self centered and only care about themselves. For example, if someone needs your help, you should not deter him and turn him away. We should do our best to help others so that we can bring testimony for Jesus.