Nehemiah 3 Bible Study


Nehemiah 3 Outline


– Builders of Sheep Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:1-2)

– Builders of Fish Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:3-5)

– Builders of Jeshanah Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:6-12)

– Builders of Valley Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:13)

– Builders of Dung Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:14)

– Builders of Fountain Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:15-25)

– Builders near Water Gate and the nearby area (Nehemiah 3:26-27)

– Builders near Horse Gate (Nehemiah 3:28-30)

– Builders near Miphkad Gate (Nehemiah 3:31-32)


Nehemiah 3 Summary


Nehemiah 3 provides a list of names of the Israelites that rebuild different sections of the wall of Jerusalem. The Israelites cooperated to rebuild the different sections of the wall of Jerusalem, undeer the leadership of Nehemiah.


Nehemiah 3 Bible Study


1. Contributing in the body of Christ

Nehemiah 3 is about cooperation of the people on rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Likewise, Christians must cooperate and carry out their function in building the body of Christ. Every Christian is a member of Jesus Christ’s body. Each member of the body of Christ has its own function and lacking one will cause inefficiency in the work (Romans 12:5-6). The wall of Jerusalem has many different sections and each section is built by different group of people. Everyone is accountable to his own section. If one of the group did not take his responsibility and build the section of the wall commissioned to him, there will be a hole and enemy can come in easily. Therefore, we must do our best in serving God and contributing in the church so that the kingdom of God can be furthered (Philippians 1:5; Ephesians 4:3;Psalm 133:1).


2. Good leadership

Nehemiah is an example of a good leader. He did not undertake the work by himself but he distribute the work to different group of people. He make each group of people accountable for rebuilding different section of the wall of Jerusalem. The names of the people that were involved in rebuilding the wall were recorded. A good leader will not just do the work by himself but he knows how to give others opportunities to serve. A leader that don’t give others opportunities to serve is proud. Leaders must be humble. Jesus said those who want to be the greatest in the kingdom of God must be humble (Matthew 23:11-12; John 13:1-17; Matthew 18:1-4).