Numbers 22 Bible Study


Numbers 22 Outline


– Balak was afraid of the Israelites so he dedicated to hire Balaam to curse the Israelites (Numbers 22:1-6)

– Balaam refused to go back with the representatives to see Balak (Numbers 22:7-14)

– Balaam finally agreed to go back with the representatives to see Balak (Numbers 22:15-20)

– The angel of the Lord wanted to kill Balaam for going to see Balak (Numbers 22:21-23)

– The donkey helped Balaam by dodging the sword of the angel of the Lord for 3 times (Numbers 22:24-27)

– The donkey talked and God opened Balaam’s eyes to see the angel of the Lord (Numbers 22:28-35)

– Balaam arrived at Moab and saw part of the people of Israel from Bamoth Baal (Numbers 22:36-41)


Numbers 22 Summary


King Balak of Moab, the son of Zippor, was terrified when he saw so many israelites encamped nearby. The Moabites told the Midianite elders that the Israelites will surely lick up everything around them, like an ox licks up the grass of the field.


Because Balak feared the Israelites, he sent his princes to bring Balaam to him. They left along with the fee for divination. When they arrived, Balaam asked them to stay over at his house while he go to seek advise from God. God asked Balaam who were the men with him. Balaam explained that they had come to ask him to put a curse on the Israelites so that King Balak will be able to fight and drive them away. God instructed Balaam not to go and Balaam did not go with them.


Then, King Balak sent an even larger group of princes to Balaam. Just like the first time, Balaam asked them to stay over at his house while he go to seek advice from God. This time, God instruct Balaam to go with the representatives but he should only say what he tell him.


The next morning, Balaam saddled his donkey with the Moabite princes. The donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road so she turned away to a field. This made Balaam beat her. In the second time, the angel of the Lord stand in a narrow path between 2 vineyards, with walls on both sides. The donkey moved close to the wall so that Balaam’s feet scrape against it. Balaam was angry and he beat the donkey for the second time. In the third time, the angel of the Lord moved to a narrow place where there was no room to turn to the left or right. The donkey saw this and she lay down on the place. This made Balaam beat the donkey for the third time.


Suddenly, God opened the donkey’s mouth and she was able to talk. The donkey asked Balaam why he beat her since he had ride on her for a long time and it is not usual for her to do this. Then, God opened Balaam’s eyes so that he saw the angel of the Lord. The angel of the Lord told Balaam that he could have killed him and spare the donkey if the donkey did not dodge him. Balaam said he would gladly return home. But the angel of the Lord said Balaam may go with the representatives to Moab, except he must speak what God told him.


When Balaam arrived, Balak asked him why he didn’t come since he was able to reward him. Balaam replied he have come but he will only speak what God said. After that, Balaam went to Kirjathhuzoth with King Balam. There, Balak sacrificed cattle and sheep. He gave some to Balaam and the princes. The next day, King Balak brought Balaam to the high places of Baal so that he can see part of the people.



Numbers 22 Bible Study


1. Don’t be greedy

Balaam was greedy for reward. He woke up in the morning, eager to go to seek Balak because of the reward. They were supposed to call him but he woke up first instead to call them to start on the journey. Therefore, God sent an angel to kill Balaam (Jude 1:11; 2 Peter 2:15). We must always be content with what we have because what matters most is not the life on earth but on the afterlife (1 Timothy 6:6-11).

2. Love your enemies

Balaam was instructed to bless the Israelites and not curse them. We must love our enemies and be kind to them although it is not an easy thing to do (Matthew 5:44; 1 Thessalonians 5:15; Romans 12:20).