Obadiah 1 Bible Study




Obadiah 1 Outline


– God will punish Edom for their pride (Obadiah 1:1-9)

– The Edomites were cruel to the Israelites (Obadiah 1:10-14)

– The day of the Lord is coming (Obadiah 1:15-16)

– The Israelites will gain victory Ultimately (Obadiah 1:17-21)



Obadiah 1 Summary


Obadiah talks about God’s wrath against Edom. God was angry with the Edomites because they did not help their relative, the Israelites, when enemies attack them. Instead of helping the Israelites, the Edomites went into their town and looted the leftover possessions.


The feud between the Israelites and Edomites had started since the days of Jacob and Esau. The Israelites were descended from Jacob while the Edomites were descended from Esau. Esau and Jacob were twin brothers. Esau was born first out of his mother’s womb so he was the firstborn. Esau sold his birthright carelessly to Jacob when he came back from hunting one day. He exchanged his birthright with a red stew because he was very thirsty. Later, Jacob’s father, Isaac, was tricked into blessing to Jacob. Jacob quickly ran away to Haran after stealing his brother’s blessing because he was afraid Esau will take revenge on him. Although Jacob and Esau reconciled later, their relatives were enemies with each other.


In the book of Obadiah, God said that he will bring enemies from foreign countries to attack Edom. He will make sure that everything they treasure most will be taken away from them. Previously, the Israelites sinned so God sent the enemy armies to attack them. Now that the Israelites had repented from their sins, it is the turn of the Edomites to suffer the wrath of God’s anger. The Israelites will be strong again and take over the lands that belonged to the Edomites.


The book of Obadiah was written at about 586 B.C., when Judah was being attacked by the Babylonian armies. Many Jews were taken as captives into exiles in Babylonia in 586 B.C. Obadiah prophesied that the Israelites will reclaim their lands after they repent and return to God. The Israelites that live in the hills will capture Philistia, Ephraim and Samaria. The people from Benjamin tribe will capture Gilead. Many captives that return will conquer and settle in the lands from Phonecia to Zarephath. The captives that were taken to Sepharad will control the cities located in the south.



Obadiah 1 Bible Study


1.Pride is a Sin


Pride is the main cause of the Edomites’ downfalls. They felt that they shouldn’t be concern when the enemies attack their relatives, the Israelites. Later, they also take part in the evil and raid their cities. The Edomites felt satisfied and took pleasure when the enemies conquered the Israelites. They celebrated when disasters struck the Israelites. We should never agree to evil in our mind. Even when you are not doing the evil act, feeling happy when someone does it is considered a sin.


2. Importance of Helping People


If you keep on agreeing to the evil, you will not be able to differentiate it as something wrong to do in the future. We should not be like the Edomites. Whenever we see someone in need of help, we should not ignore the situation and think it is not our responsibility to help them. Instead, we should lend people a helping hand whenever we can. For example, if you see a homeless child without food begging on the street, you should take the initiative to help him by providing food and send him to a Christian shelter.


3. God Always Punish People who Sin


It can be seen throughout the Old Testament that God uses other nations to bring punishment on a sinful nation. The Israelites sinned and won’t repent so God send stronger nation such as the Babylonians to subdue them. God did this so that the Israelites can realize their mistakes and turn back to him.


4. Seek God First No Matter in What Circumstance


When we are facing a problem, it is easier for us to see God. When there is no way to come out of our problems, we should get near to God to seek a solution to our problem. God is the sources of all things so you should look to him for help for all your problems. The Israelites did turn back from their sins and God is now punishing the Edomites. God judge all nations accordingly because he creates all of them. This shows that God is always in control of the events that happen around the world. Because God is in control, we can be assured that he can lift us out of our problems when we seek him.


5. God is Always Good to His Faithful People


God is a good God. He will protect those people who faithfully obey and do his commandments. When you love and obey God, God will take care of all your needs. Everyone face problems from time to time. When problem arises, we should not complain. Instead, we should be perseverance in our prayer. God will listen to your prayer if you are patient. You will be able to overcome your problem if you trust in the supplication of God.