Ruth 2 Bible Study



Ruth 2 Outline  


– Ruth worked in Boaz’s field (Ruth 2:1-8)

– Ruth met with Boaz (Ruth 2:9-16)

– Ruth told Naomi about her day at Boaz’s field (Ruth 2:17-23)


Ruth 2 Summary


Ruth asked Naomi for permission to go into one of the fields so that she can pick up the leftover grains. Naomi gave her permission and Ruth went into the field of Boaz to pick the grain. Boaz was a close relative of Naomi’s husband, Elimelech. When Boaz saw Ruth, she asked her servants who is she. They replied that she is the daughter in law of Naomi. They told him that Ruth had been working for the whole morning without rest. Boaz was happy that Ruth came to his field to glean the grains. He encouraged her to stay in his field and follow his workers when glean the leftover grains. He also allowed her to drink water from the jars filled up by his workers when she became thirsty.


Ruth was surprised that Boaz was good to her because she came from another country. Boaz was impressed with Ruth because of what she did to help her mother in law. Boaz was so impressed that he prayed God will reward her for the good things she had done. During mealtime, Boaz invited Ruth to dinner. Ruth ate all she wanted and save some leftovers for her mother in laws.


After dinner, Boaz asked the servants to pull out some grains from the sheaves and leave in on the ground for her. He also asked the servants not to stop her if she pluck the grain from among the stacked sheaves. Ruth took a basketful of grains back to Naomi. Ruth told Naomi all that had happened. Naomi asked Ruth to stay with the women when gleaning in the field of Boaz. Ruth stayed in Boaz field and gleaned all the grains until the harvest season was over.



Ruth 2 Bible Study


1. Ruth is Unselfish


Boaz was impressed with the good qualities in Ruth. First of all, he was impressed with her braveness to leave her hometown. Ruth was willing to come to a place where she is completely a stranger. Apart from that, Ruth was unselfish and caring towards her mother in law, Naomi. Ruth decided to leave her home country and follow Naomi even though she had to face poverty.


2. Ruth Choose to Trust in God instead of Looking at Her Circumstances


Instead of clinging onto her past, Ruth pressed forward to her future and put her faith in God. Although she was a native of Moab, she considered herself a Jew. Ruth identified herself as a widow and worked at the field of Boaz. She humbled herself and work at the field along with the women. Proverbs 15:33 says before honor is humility and Ruth is a good example of that. Ruth was a very hardworking woman. She worked from morning until evening so that she and her mother in law have food.


3. Boaz is a Faithful Follower who loved to Share


Boaz showed his faithfulness and loyalty to God by responding to the need of Ruth. He invited Ruth to stay in his field and pick up grains among others. He asked Ruth to join him for dinner at the evening so that she can have some nourishment. He wanted to make Ruth’s work easier so he ordered his servants to leave some grains on the ground and let her pluck from the stacked grains. We should learn Boaz and not be selfish with our possessions. Many Christians are selfish to share their possessions with others. When you share your possessions, you will be a blessing to others.