Ruth 3 Bible Study



Ruth 3 Outline


– Naomi asked Ruth to go to lie down at Boaz’s feet (Ruth 3:1-6)

– Boaz’s marriage proposal to Ruth (Ruth 3:7-18)


Ruth 3 Summary


Naomi felt that it is time for her to find a husband for Ruth. Since Boaz is the closest relative, he has the responsibility to buy Naomi’s land and marry Ruth. Therefore, Naomi asked Ruth to get bathed and wear the best clothes. She also asked him to spray some perfumes. Naomi asked Ruth to go where Boaz is working. After that, she should wait until Boaz finished eating and drinking. Naomi asked Ruth to lift the cover and lie at Boaz’s feet when he fell asleep. Boaz will tell Ruth what to do after that. Everything happened just as Naomi had said. After Boaz finished eating and drinking, he went to sleep near a pile of grain.


After he was sound asleep, Ruth came over and lifted up the cover to lay on his feet. In the middle of the night, Boaz was shocked to find Ruth lying on his feet. Ruth told Boaz that he has the responsibility to marry her as he is the closest relative who is supposed to look after her. Boaz promised to do what Ruth asked but he said that there is an even closer relative. He must first go and ask the closer relative whether he wanted to marry her. If the close relative did not want to marry her, he will marry and look after her. Before sunrise,


Ruth woke up because Boaz did not want anyone to know she was there. He asked her to lower the cape so that he can fill it with grain. He measured 6 measures of barley and laid it on her. When Ruth arrived home, Naomi told her to be patient as Boaz will make sure everything is settled by that day.



Ruth 3 Bible Study


1. Put your hope in God when facing a disappointment


Ruth 3 is about a marriage proposal of Boaz to Ruth. Boaz was surprised to find Ruth lying at his feet but he calmed down after he learned that he is her close relative. Under the Law of Moses, when a husband dies and left his wife without children, the closest relative is to take her as his wife. Boaz’s willingness to marry and look after Ruth is a good example of Christ’s love for us. Boaz was willing to accept and cover Ruth, just like Christ is willing to accept us while we are sinners and cover our sins. Just like Ruth, we should put our hope in God when we meet with a disappointment. Hope means believing that God always has a good plan for us. It doesn’t mean that things will always be easy and comfortable for us. If we persist in enduring the trial, we will surely experience his wonderful plan for us.