Ruth 4 Bible Study



Ruth 4 Outline 


– Boaz asked the closer relative to marry Ruth (Ruth 4:1-6)

– Boaz married Ruth (Ruth 4:7-22)


Ruth 4 Summary


Boaz went to the town meeting place to meet with the close relative. He called together 10 town leaders. After assembling the 10 town leaders, he addressed to the close relative that Naomi has returned from Moab and he has the right to buy her land. The close relative was willing to buy the land. Since he was willing to buy the land, Boaz asked him to marry her daughter in law, Ruth. Boaz told him that is he is to have a child by Ruth, the child will remain in the family line of Ruth’s first husband. At this point, the close relative changed his mind because he did not want his properties to be in the family line of Ruth’s first husband.


During those days, a transaction can only be valid after the person took off his sandal and give it to the other person. The close relative took off his sandal and gave it to Boaz. The 10 town leaders who were witnesses of the transaction blessed Boaz that his son will be as famous as Perez, the son of Judah and Tamar. Perez became famous because he came out of his mother’s womb after his twin brother’s hand appeared and went back in. After Boaz married Ruth, they had a son called Obed. The women in the neighborhood called his son Naomi’s Boy. Obed is the great grandfather of King David. When Obed grew up, he had a son called Jesse. Jesse was the father of David.



Ruth 4 Bible Study


1. God will bless those who obey his words


Ruth was loyal to Naomi so God blessed her with a fine and godly husband. Naomi was blessed as well because of Ruth’s loyalty. Naomi had a grandson through Ruth. Obeying God always brings blessing upon our lives. When we make up our mind to obey God’s direction, we will always see his blessing no matter how tough the journey may be. If you persist in staying in God’s plan, you can be assured that God will reward you one day.


The people around you will also be blessed because of your obedience towards God. Obedience towards God is a critical part of every Christian’s live. When the Holy Spirit tells you to do something, you should obey and not ignore it. Before God can bless you, he may ask you to give up something you treasure most. He did this to test your obedience towards him. When faced with a difficult situation, we should commit our problem to God and let him take in charge of the situation. Every person is equally important in the eyes of God. God has a much better plan for you than you can imagine.