Zechariah 10 Bible Study



Zechariah 10 Outline


– Judah and Israel will have a bright future (Zechariah 10:1-12)



Zechariah 10 Summary


In Zechariah 10:1, God reminds the Israelites that he is the one who sends rains for their crops. Therefore, when they need water for their crops, they should pray and ask him to send rain. The land where the Israelites lived had 2 rainy seasons. The first rainy season takes place in the autumn while the second rainy season occurs in spring. In the autumn, they sow the seeds. In the spring, they harvest the crops in their fields. Just like vegetation needs rains to produce crops, we need God’s word to replenish our spiritual hunger.


In Zechariah 10:2, God rebuked the Israelites for believing in idols and diviners. Christians are not allowed to seek help from diviners or idol because this is witchcraft. When we need help in our problem, we should seek God and fully trust him. Because the Israelites fail to trust in God, they are like sheep without shepherd. Sheep without shepherd means a people without leader.


In Zechariah 10:3, God says that he will punish the evil leaders (shepherds) who led the people astray.


Zechariah 10:4 ‘“ 5 says that God will turn his people into leaders and strong warriors to and defeat the enemies. Cornerstone and tent peg are often referred to leaders. When the leaders fight, God will be on their sides so that they can defeat the enemies in the war.


Zechariah 10:6 ‘“ 10 is about God will show mercy to the Israelites and bring them back from the exile so that they may settle their own land in peace again. The children of those who were in exile will return to their land once they had grown up.


In Zechariah 10:11 ‘“ 12, God informs the people how he brought their ancestors out of Egypt from slavery. He parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites could cross over to the other side of the land on dry land. God promises to strengthen his people because they follow and abide in his words.


Zechariah 10 Bible Study


1. Jesus Will Never Reject Anyone that Come to Him


At first, the Israelites were obedient and God let then overcome their enemies. Later, when the Israelites become disobedient, God rejected them and allowed the enemies to conquer them. The whole situation is so worse that the Israelites probably think God will never deliver them from the enemies anymore. But God kept his promise when the Israelites realized their sins and turned back to him. Home is the closest things to us. When you leave your family and go to a distant place, you will find that you miss them.


God is our home. He will never reject you if you come to him. John 6:37 says that Jesus will never reject anyone who come to him. All the Father has given Jesus will come to him. Therefore, Jesus will not reject you if you come to him. God does not want any of his children to be lost. God doesn’t want to lose you but you must know how to hold onto him tightly. To hold onto Jesus tightly, you must trust in God’s words.


2. Be Patient in Waiting For God to Answer Your Prayer


Everyone face difficulties in life. If you pray for a thing and God did not answer, you should not feel that he reject you. We can get disappointed in many situations including financial problems, family problems, health problems and etc. Whatever the problem is, we must accept our situation and not be far away from God if God did not answer your prayer. God has his own plan for each one of us. God did not promise that we will be successful in this life so we should not think that it is his responsibility to make us successful. God allows problems in our life so that we can have a greater trust on him. Therefore, you should be encouraged.