Zechariah 14 Bible Study



Zechariah 14 Outline


– God will fight for Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1-21)



Zechariah 14 Summary


Zechariah 14 deals on the messianic kingdom in a series of events including the coming of Jesus, deliverance of God’s people, judgment day and establishment of the everlasting kingdom. Zechariah 14 predicts that many nations will come and conquer Jerusalem in the last days. However, God will avenge against Jerusalem’s enemies later. Zechariah 14:1-2 says that the people of Jerusalem will be defeated by enemies’ nations. They will ransack the houses and capture the women. The day of the battle in Zechariah 14:3 is the battle against the Egyptian armies when the Israelites came out of Egypt.


The Mount of Olives referred in Zechariah 14:4 is located on the east side of Jerusalem. If a valley is to appear in the Mount of Olives, the people will be able to escape through it. After the battle, Jerusalem will be inhabited by people safely. It was discovered that there is a long crack that extend from the north to south of the mountain. In Zechariah 14, Zechariah predicts that a crack will run from the east to west of the mountain. Therefore, this is going to be a miraculous event.

God will take revenge against the enemies by striking them with a plague. Plague is a terrible disaster such as disease, that, can cause the enemies’ flesh to rot. The Israelites will pursue the enemies and steal their gold, silver and apparels. The plague will also cause the animals including horse, mule, camel, ass and other animals to die


Every year, the people of the enemy nations that survive will go up to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of tabernacles. Anyone that did not go up to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of tabernacles will not have rain. God also expected the Egyptians to come up to Jerusalem and celebrate the feast of the tabernacles even though they don’t need rain to water their crops. The Egyptians used to use the water from the Nile River to water the crops. The festival of tabernacles will unite all the nations after God defeated the enemies.


On that day, people will no longer be required to use special cooking pots to cook the sacrifice animal. Any pot and bowl will be acceptable to God.


Zechariah 14 Bible Study


1. Jesus will rescue his people from the enemies


Zechariah 14 brings good news to the Israelites. After the Israelites had been in exile for many years, they are finally going back to their homeland. God will restore the land and wealth that were once taken by the enemies. At first, it will seem as if Jerusalem is going to be defeated and conquered by the enemies. However, in the last moment, God will give victory to the Israelites and fight for them.


Ultimately, Jesus will overcome the enemies and return in victory. God is strong enough to rescue his people from their miseries no matter how bad the situation is. God owns everything in this world. In the end, everything is going to be returned to God. Those who are against God’s people will not have a good fate. Zechariah 14 reveals that Jesus’ death eliminates the needs to follow the old covenant. By dying on the cross, Jesus secured salvations for every single person who go to him. It cleanses the dirt in every area of the pot so that the people will be made holy and dedicated to the Lord.


2. Worshiping God with all your heart, soul and mind


The book of Zechariah teaches us to worship God with all our heart. We must always remember and obey God’s laws. If you obey God’s laws, he will surely keep his promises and bless you. In the Old Testament, God curses those who disobey him and blesses those who obey him. Therefore, blessings will follow those who faithfully obey God. God always remember the promises he made. He remembers the covenant he made with the Israelites and eventually fulfills them. Zechariah’s prophesy is for the Israelites that are still in exile.