Zechariah 3 Bible Study



Zechariah 3 Outline


– Vision of the High Priest Joshua and Satan Standing Together (Zechariah 3:1 – 10)



Zechariah 3 Summary


In the fourth vision, Zechariah saw Satan accusing the high priest Joshua. The high priest Joshua referred in Zechariah 3 is Joshua, the son of Josedech (Zechariah 6:11 KJV). Joshua, the son of Josedech was the high priest during the period when the Israelites were rebuilding the temple of the Lord.


The angel of the Lord referred here is the Lord Jesus Christ. The angel came to serve but Satan always searches for ways to accuse us and prevent God from doing his work. Because of sin, a doorway was open for Satan to attack Joshua. Sin can cause both Christians and non-Christians to be attacked by Satan (Ephesians 6:10 – 17).


The fire mentioned in Zechariah 3:2 refers to the Babylonian captivity and the sufferings of Israel until Jesus’ second coming. God rebuked the accusation Satan brings against the Israelites because God regarded the charges unreasonable. Joshua stayed silent and did not say a word to show the guilt of Satan.


The clothes that Joshua was wearing were filthy. Although Joshua’s clothing is dirty, the angel asked for it to be taken off. By taking off Joshua’s dirty garments, it means that the sins of the Israelites are forgiven. The dirty clothing represents all kinds of sins that Israel had committed once including self-righteousness and infidelity.


The putting of new clothes is a symbol that God will purify the nation. The removing of the filthy clothes symbolically refers to the cleansing of sin. The putting on of clean clothes symbolically mean the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ is attributed to the sinner. The robe that Joshua wears is the same as the robe worn by people who are attending a wedding banquet. It is pointing to those who will inherit the kingdom of God.

Zechariah asked for a clean turban and clothing to be put on Joshua. The putting on of the turban on Joshua is the reinstatement of the function of the high priest. It means that Joshua is cleansed spiritually to serve as a priest for the nation of Israel.


Zechariah 3:6 ‘“ 7 refers to the importance of Israel’s obedience in order for their country to restore back to the original state. To wear the clean garments, the Israelites must lead a life that is righteous. The Branch is Jesus, the messiah and chosen king, which is to come in the postexilic period.


Zechariah 3:9 ‘“ 10 refers to the first coming of Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. The stone refers to the second coming of Christ. The seven eyes on the stone also mentioned in Revelations 5:6, is referred to God’s infinite knowledge and providence. On the stones, God engraved down the sins of his people. The one day that God will forgive and remove our sins is when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus bore our sins by dying on the cross in the Calvary. Zechariah 3:10 says that each will sit and entertain their friends under the fruit trees. This means that those that trust in God will prosper and have everything they need.


Zechariah 3 Bible Study


1. Jesus always pray on behalf of us


The Lord Jesus Christ is our high priest and intercessor. He always prays to the Father God on our behalf. Whenever you say a prayer, you must end it with ‘in the name of Jesus’ so that your prayer can be taken up to God. Jesus will never reject you even if you are a terrible sinner. You don’t have to be a righteous person, with impeccable character, to come to Jesus. Sinners are welcomed to join the kingdom of God, if they have a heart to change and repent.



2. You will receive the righteousness of Christ once your sins are forgiven


Once you believe in Jesus, the filth of sin will be removed from you, just like the angel remove the filthy clothes from Joshua. After the filth of sin is removed, the righteousness of Christ will clothe you. As Christians, you should always serve and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ so that you will enter into the eternal kingdom.