Zechariah 5 Bible Study


Zechariah 5 Outline


– Vision of the flying scroll (Zechariah 5:1-4)

– Vision of the woman in the ephah (Zechariah 5:5-11)



Zechariah 5 Summary


Zechariah 5 is about the 6th and 7th visions of Zechariah. In the 6th vision, Zechariah saw a flying scroll. On one side of the flying scroll, it contains the curses for those who sin by stealing. On the other side of the flying scroll, it contains the curses for those who tell lies. It is wrong to swear and tell lies in God’s name. God does not let any sinner get away from their sins. Every sinner will surely pay back for the evil things they do.


In the 7th vision, Zechariah saw a woman in an ephah. The angel told Zechariah that the woman in the ephah is a symbol of evil. Two angels with stork wings flew down from heaven to bring the basket to place called Shinar in Babylonia, where they will build a house for it. Babylonia is often associated with evil. Revelation 17 reveals that Babylon is the place where wickedness from anti God spirit will be taken care of by Christ.


The ephah is a symbol of commercial activities. During those days, the Jews rely on agricultural activities to earn a living. Babylon is a modern society that practice commercial activities. It represents the sins of Israelites taking advantage of other people for their own profits. After the Israelites returned from captivity, they continue to practice the commercial activities.


The woman is a representation of the sinful Jewish nation. The lead of the ephah represents the guilt of the Jewish nation. The basket is filled with the iniquities of the Jewish people who condemn Christ and cause him to be crucified on the cross. The sin of the Israelites is so bad that the two angels with stork wings came to carry the ephah and set it over a house in Babylon. Those who have condemned Jesus and rejected the gospels will surely be punished in hell.


Zechariah 5 Bible Study


1. Lying and stealing are serious sins to God


Lying and stealing are two sins that God forbid in the Ten Commandments. To lie means to deliberately hide something and not telling the truth. A person can tell lies in many ways. Profaning God’s name by giving false testimony is one form of lying. For example, if someone without a cancer makes a testimony that God heals his cancer, he is lying. If you say you are a Christian but you do sinful things that are against God commandments, you are lying.


2. Different ways of lying


If you make promises and didn’t keep them, you are lying. Parents often like to make lots of promises to their children but never keep them. Even children know that their parents are lying when they don’t keep the promises. Therefore, if you want to make a promise, you must make sure you can keep it. Another form of lying is to leave out some important facts so that people don’t the exact meaning you are trying to convey. When preaching the gospel to people, be sure to explain every detail so that people won’t misunderstand what you are saying. Revelation 21:8 says that liar will surely experience the lake of fire in hell.


3. What is stealing?


Stealing means taking something without getting a permission from the owner. Stealing is considered a sin whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally. Many office workers often take back stationaries from the office because they work there. It is wrong to steal the office resources. To avoid stealing, you should always ask for permission to lend something before taking it away.


4. Different ways of stealing


Stealing also involves robbing God of the tithe. If you receive a salary, you should give the tithe. Tithe is 10% of whatever you earn. The 10% always belong to God. The rest of the 90% of your income belongs to God. God is serious about stealing. Cheating your workers’ wages is also a form of stealing. Bosses should always treat their workers fairly and pay them according to their wages. It is wrong to overwork an employee and paying him lesser than he deserve. The government law is ordained by God. If you obey God, you must obey the government laws. Disobeying the government laws means disobeying God.


There are many different forms of stealing. Some of the different forms of stealing include armed robbery, shoplifting, taking things without asking for permission, lie to avoid or pay less taxes, overcharge customers by increasing the price, stealing items from employers, fail to pay back the debt you owe, keeping a property that does not belong to you, helping thieves to steal, and being selfish with God’s blessings.