Zechariah 8 Bible Study



Zechariah 8 Outline


– God promises to restore the nation of Israel (Zechariah 8:1-17)

– Nations will worship the Lord (Zechariah 8:18-23)

Zechariah 8 Summary


In Zechariah 8, God promises that he will restore the city of Jerusalem so that it will prosper like before. God promises to bring back the Israelites that are in exile. Once, the Israelites were sinful and disobedient towards God. Later, they realized their mistakes and confessed their sins to God. When God discovered that they had repented from their hearts, he decided to forgive and restore back their nation. Although the Israelites were involved in idolatry many times, God was willing to forgive and reconcile his relationship with them.


Zechariah 8:4 says that old people and children will go outside. This is a sign that God will grant peace to the Israelites. When God is with his people, there will be happiness and peace among them. Zechariah 8:6 says that God is omnipotent because there is nothing that is impossible for him to accomplish.


In Zechariah 8:10, God reminds that about their initial work on the rebuilding of the temple. He also warns the people about the troubles they had to suffer for disobeying him in the past. In Zechariah 8:12, God promises the he will bring rain and make their land fruitful so that they can become rich again.


In Zechariah 8:13, God promises to turn them from a curse into a blessing to the people around them. In Zechariah 8:14-15, God promises that he will no longer punish them so they no longer have to be afraid of him. In Zechariah 8:16-17, God commands the Israelites to love their neighbors and tell lies because he hates these things.


In Zechariah 8:18-19, God states that fasting on any month should be made into a joyful celebration. In Zechariah 8:20-23, many Gentiles will come to seek God’s help and inherit the kingdom of heaven. Christ has shown mercy towards Gentiles even though he was sent for the Jews. The Israelites will bear a good testimony for God.


Zechariah 8 Bible Study


1. Standing on God’s promise


In Zechariah 8: 7- 8, God says that he will fulfill his promises and bring back the Israelites who have been scattered to the lands in the east and west. He promises to restore the nation of Israel and make their country safe again. Everyone lose hope and gets discouraged. When a faithful Christian loses hope, he would think of standing on God’s promises in the scripture. To stand on God’s promises, you must pray to God and ask him to give you discernment. Some people think they can find God’s promises by simply flipping to a page in the Bible. The promises in the Bible only apply to certain people in certain situations. You cannot assume that all promises in the Bible apply to your situation so it is important to pray to God for discernment.


2. Nothing is too difficult for God


Nothing is too difficult for the Lord to achieve. All things are possible with God. If you want something from God, you should keep on praying and never give up hope. Abraham was 99 years old when God promises that he will have a son. In the following year, Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Many Christians feel that God is far away from them because their prayers are not heard. When your circumstances don’t change, you should not murmur and complain about God.


3. God will respond to your prayer at the right time


God always listen to our prayers. He knows what you are thinking and he will respond to your prayer in the right time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that there is a time for everything. If you want God to answer your prayer, you must make sure that you are not asking for an unreasonable request. Your prayer has to be in accordance with the will of God. Even if God hasn’t answered your prayer, you should give thanks about it and declare positive things.


4. Don’t doubt about God’s promises


It is important to not doubt about the promises God gave you. If God promises you something, you must hold on to it and not let go. You should not feel disappointed when someone tells you that God will never fulfill his promise to you. The devil will use all sorts of ways to prevent you from trusting God. You should only be listening to the voice of God.