Psalm 106 Bible Study


Psalm 106 Outline


– God is good all the time (Psalm 106:1-5)

– The Israelites had been rebelling against God ever since in Egypt (Psalm 106:6-12)

– The Israelites rebelled against God by asking for meat in the desert (Psalm 106:13-15)

– God punish Dathan and his followers (Psalm 106:16-18)

– Aaron made a golden calf for the Israelites (Psalm 106:19-23)

– God punished the Israelites so that the first generation did not enter into Canaan (Psalm 106:24-27)

– God was angry with the Israelites for intermarrying with the Mdiainites and worshiping Baal but  Phinehas came to their rescue (Psalm 106:28-31)

– The Israelites grumbled against God for having no water to drink at Meribah (Psalm 106:32-33)

– The Israelites failed to destroy all the Canaanites after conquering the land (Psalm 106:34-39)

– God kept saving the Israelites time after time (Psalm 106:40-43)

– God always remember his covenant with the Israelites (Psalm 106:44-46)

– The psalmist prayed that God gathered the Israelites from different nations and restore them (Psalm 106:47)

– Praise God who exist from everlasting to everlasting ((Psalm 106:48)



Psalm 106 Summary


In Psalm 106:1-5, give thanks to God for he is good all the time. God bless those who maintain justice. The psalmist prayed that God will show him favor and come to his aid when he save the Israelites so that he can also rejoice along with them.


In Psalm 106:6-12, the Israelites sinned against God ever since they were in Egypt. They complaint to God and rebelled against him while in the desert. The Egyptians tried to pursue the Israelites but God made the Red Sea divided into two stacks of water so that the Israelites can cross over. The Egyptians follow them on the dry land of the Red Sea but God made the water flow back. Then, the Israelites sang praises to God.


In Psalm 106:13-15, but the Israelites soon forgot about the miracles that God had done for them . They craved for meat in the desert. God made a strong wind blow and many quails came to near their camp. They caught the quails and cooked it. When the meat is still in between their teeth, God struck them with a disease to punish their rebellion.


In Psalm 106:16-18, Dathan and Abiram were envious of Moses’s leadership. God was angry with them so he made an earthquake swallow up all the belongings of Dathan and Abiram. Then, he caused a fire to burn his followers.


In Psalm 106:19-23, the Israelites made Aaron fashion a golden calf when they saw that Moses did not come back from Mount Sinai after many days. They held a feast in celebration of the golden calf and worship it. God was angry with the Israelites but Moses interceded for them so that God did not destroy the Israelites.


In Psalm 106:24-27, the 10 spies brought bad report that frightened the Israelites and made them refuse to go into the land of Canaan. The other 2 spies including Caleb and Joshua tried to calm them down but they refused to listen. Therefore, God swore they will never enter into the land of Canaan. The Israelites roamed about in the desert for 40 years. By that time, all the Israelites from the first generation were dead. It was the second generation that attack and conquered the land of Canaan.


In Psalm 106:28-31, the Israelites made God angry by marrying the Moabites and worshiping Baal. There was a chief of a tribe that brought in a Midianite woman to his parents before the eyes of Moses. God was very angry and he was about to destroy the Israelites but Phinehas stuck a spear through the man and woman and the plague stopped (Numbers 25).


In Psalm 106:32-33, the Israelites were thirsty because the water at Meribah is bitter. They complained to Moses and rebelled against God.


In Psalm 106:34-39, God commanded the Israelites to completely kill all the Canaanites but they did not. This caused them to intermarry with the Canaanites. Later, they started to worship the Canaanite gods and offer sacrifices to Molech. They defiled themselves by having sex with the prostitutes at the shrine as part of a worship ritual.


In Psalm 106:40-43, God was very angry with the Israelites. He let the enemies attack them whenever they rebel. Every time the Israelites repent and cried out to God, God sent deliverance for them. However, they later become stubborn again and rebel against God.


In Psalm 106:44-46, God always remembered his covenant when he heard the cries of the Israelites and delivered them.


In Psalm 106:47, the psalmist prayed that God delivered the Israelites and gathered them from the nations where they had been scattered so that they can offer thanksgivings and praises to him.


In Psalm 106:48, praised be to God, who exists forever.



Psalm 106 Bible Study

1. God is good all the time

God is always willing to forgive our sins and accept us back. In Romans 8:28, and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. In 1 John 1:8-9, if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.