Psalm 108 Bible Study


Psalm 108 Outline


– David had a steadfast heart before God (Psalm 108:1-5)

– David prayed for God’s deliverance from the enemies (Psalm 108:6-9)

– David prayed for God’s presence to be with their armies (Psalm 108:10-13)



Psalm 108 Summary


In Psalm 108:1-5, David was steadfast before God. He wants to sing praises about God among the nations for great is his love, which reaches to the skies

In Psalm 108:6-9, David prayed for God to save and deliver them with his righteous right hand. God has promised to let them conquer the land.

In Psalm 108:10-13, David felt that God has rejected them. David prayed for God’s presence to be with their armies so that they can successfully conquer the enemies.



Psalm 108 Bible Study

1.God’s presence is important

David knows that God’s presence with the Israelites army is important. If God is with them, they will surely be able to defeat the enemies. If you want God’s presence to be with you, you must always put God first and spend time with God such as praying and worshiping every day. In Genesis 39:2, and the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.