Psalm 20 Bible Study



Psalm 20 Outline


– The people prayed in unity that God protect and bless King David (Psalm 20:1-5)

– The people choose to trust in God rather than horses and chariots (Psalm 20:6-8)

– The people prayed that God hear their prayers and keep King David safe (Psalm 20:9)



Psalm 20 Summary


In Psalm 20:1-5, this is a prayer for King David. The people prayed that God answer David’s prayer in his distress and save him from his enemies; that God remember all David’s sacrifices and burnt offerings; that God grant David the desire of his heart and make his plans succeed. The people want to give praises and thanksgivings to God and lift up the banner of God when God help David to be victorious.


In Psalm 20:6-8, David is God’s anointed king of Israel. The people thank God in unity when God answer prayer and save him with his right hand of justice. They choose to trust in God instead of chariots and horses.


In Psalm 20:9, the people called on God to always answer their prayers and keep King David safe from the enemies.



Psalm 20 Bible Study


1. Trust in God rather than men

In Psalm 20:7, some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. In times of trouble, we must trust in God and discuss our problems with him in prayer rather than looking to other alternatives. In 1 Peter 5:7, casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. In Psalm 55:22, cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.