Bible Study Outline on King Jehoshaphat

Who was King Jehoshaphat?

King Jehoshaphat was a righteous king that ruled in Judah. He walked in the ways of God and removed idolatry from the land. He was the son of King Asa. Because he was faithful to God, God gave him success. He did not sought help from Baal but always go to God when he faced a problem. During the 3rd year of his reign, he sent officials including Levites and priests  to teach about the commandments of God in different towns in Judah. The nations around Judah fear God and were not involved in any battle with Jehoshaphat. The Philistines and Arabians paid tribute to King Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat grew into a powerful king. He had forts and store cities constructed in Judah.


King Jehoshaphat Accompanied Ahab into War

Jehoshaphat did a wrong thing by accompanying Ahab into the war at Ramoth Gilead. The seer, Jehu, confronted Jehoshaphat, about helping the wicked King Ahab. Fortunately, Jehoshaphat was not killed during a battle. A soldier was about to kill Jehoshaphat. But when Jehoshaphat turned around, the soldier recognized that he was not King Ahab.  Jehoshaphat made it back to the palace in Judah safely. God protected Jehoshaphat’s life because he carried out God’s commandments by removing the Asherah poles.

King Jehoshaphat Appointed Judges Throughout Judah

Jehoshaphat appointed the Levites, priests and heads of Israelite families to administer justice on the cases that the Israelites brought to them. The judges will judge the case according to God’s commandments. The chief priest, Amariah, was responsible for being in charge over things that concerned  with violation against God’s commandments. Zebadiah, the leader of Judah tribe was responsible over issues related to the king. The Levites will act as officials with them.

Judah Defeated the Moabites and Ammonites by Singing Praises to God

The Moabites, Ammonites and others had joined forces to attack Judah. Jehoshaphat was alarmed when some men came to told him that the enemies from Edom were approaching and had already arrived at Hazazon Tamar. Immediately after receiving the report, Jehoshaphat stood up and prayed in the assembly for God’s deliverance. All the men and their wives and children were in the assembly. Then, a Levite man named Jahaziel came up and prophesied that King Jehoshaphat don’t have to be afraid because God will destroy their enemies without the soldiers having to fight at all. After the Levite finished prophesying, King Jehoshaphat and all the people bowed down and worshiped God.

In the early morning, King Jehoshaphat and the soldiers of Judah left and marched towards the Desert of Tekoa. As they marched, King Jehoshaphat encouraged the soldiers to have faith in God. Then, he appointed some men to sing praises to God. They sang, “Praise the LORD; for his mercy endureth for ever.” (2 Chronicles 20:21 KJV). God confused the Moabites and the men from Mount Seir by letting them fight against each other. First, the Moabites attacked and defeated the men from Mount Seir. When they are done, they fought against each other and eventually no one survive.

The soldiers of Judah came to the place saw a lot of dead bodies when they arrived at the place that overlook the desert. They plundered the camps of the enemy soldiers for 3 days and then returned joyfully to Judah. This brought fear to the kingdoms around Judah and Judah was at peace because there was no war.

God Destroyed Jehoshaphat’s Fleet of Ships at Ezion Geber

Later, Jehoshaphat allied himself with King Ahaziah of Israel to construct a fleet of ships. The ships were at Ezion Geber. But God destroyed the fleet of ships because he did not approve of Jehoshaphat’s alliance with the wicked king Ahaziah.