Bible Study Outline on the Kings of Israel



The northern kingdom of Israel had 19 kings. Most of the kings reigned only for a short period of time. Assassinations often occurred unlike Judah where the family line of David is preserved. The family line of David to the throne of Judah is preserved so that the word of God will be fulfilled that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will be from the seed of David. All the kings of Israel are bad and worshiped idols.  The fall of the capital of Israel, Samaria, to King Shalmaneser of Assyria occurred in 722 B.C.  Its fall is faster than Jerusalem which occurred in 586 B.C into the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Israel fell because the people were stubborn and refused to turn to God after God had sent them so many prophets.

Jeroboam I

Jeroboam I reigned from 931 – 910 B.C. He reigned for 22 years. Ahijah prophesied Jeroboam would become king over 10 tribes of Israel and it happened later when the Israelite revolted against Rehoboam for harsh slavery. Jeroboam set up one golden calf in Bethel and another golden calf in Dan so that the people would not return to serve King Rehoboam. Jeroboam did not repent but continue to offer sacrifices to the idols.


Nadab reigned from 910 – 909 B.C. He reigned for 2 years. Nadab also commit the sin of idolatry, like his father, Jeroboam. Baasha, son of Ahijah assassinated Nadab at Gibbethon when Nadab was besieging it. Baasha became king of Israel after he killed Nadab.


Baasha reigned from 909 – 886 B.C. He reigned for 24 years. Baasha killed Nadab so that he could succeed him as king over Israel. Baasha killed the entire family of Jeroboam as soon as he succeeded the throne. This fulfill the prophesy of the prophet Ahijah. Baasha walked in the footstep of Jeroboamand committed idolatry.


Elah reigned from 886 – 885 B.C. He reigned for 2 years. Elah, son of Baasha was plotted by Zimri. Zimri was a official that commanded half of his chariots. Zimri killed Elah when he was drunk in the home of the palace administrator, Arza. Zimri killed the entire family of Baasha so that the prophesy of the prophet Jehu will fulfill.


Zimri reigned in 885 B.C. He reigned for 7 days. Wben the people heard that Zimri had killed Elah, they proclaimed the army commander Omiri as their king. After that, Omri besieged Tirzah. Zimri went to hid in teh citadel and set the palace around him on hire and died.


Omri reigned from 885 – 874 B.C. He reigned for 12 years. After Zumri died, some people sided with Tibni son of Ginath while the rest sided with Omri.The followers of Omri were stronger so Tibni died. It was Omri who used 2 talents of silver and purchased the hill of Samaria from Shemer. Omri also commit the sin of idolatry, like the previous rulers.


Ahab, son of Omri, reigned from 874 – 853 B.C. He reigned for 22 years. Ahab married the daughter of the Sidonian King Ethbaal, Jezebel. His marriage to Jezebel caused him to serve Baal and worship him. Durng the reign of Ahab, Elijah declared that there will be no rain and there was no rain for 3 years. Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard but Naboth didn’t want to give it to him. Jezebel helped Ahab to get Naboth’s vineyard by having false accusers to accuse Naboth so that he was stoned to death. Ahab died during a battle with the Syrians to gain back Ramoth Gilead.


Ahaziah, son of Ahab, reigned from 853 – 852 B.C. He reigned for 2 years. Ahaziah suffered from serious injury after he accidentally fall through the lattice. Instead of seeking God. he turned to Baal. Then, Elijah sent messenger to tell Ahaziah taht he will certainly die while he lie on the bed because he did not rely on God. Ahaziah sent 50 men and a captain to Elijah but Elijah called down fire from heaven on them. Ahaziah sent a second captain with 50 men but Elijah also call down fire from heaven on them. Finally, Ahaziah sent a third captain with 50 men. The third captain knelt down and begged Elijah to go back with him to the palace. So Elijah went back with him.


Joram reigned from 852 – 841 B.C. He reigned for 12 years. During the reign of Joram, God did a miracle. Moab revolted against Israel by not paying tax. He set out to war with Moab along with King Jehoshaphat. They traveled through the desert of Edom. While traveling in the desert, they had no water to drink so they sought the help of Elisha. Elisha asked for a harpist to play music. While the harpist was playing music, God’s word came to him. Elisha prophesied that the velley will be filled with water by tomorrow so that they and their animals have water to drink. In addition, Elisha prophesied that God will deliver the Moabites into their hands. Joram was killed by Jehu when he came out to meet him, thinking it is on friendly term he came to visit him. Jehu also killed King Ahaziah of Judah.


Jehu reigned from 841 – 814 B.C. He reigned for 28 years. Jehu killed King Joram of Israel so that he could be king. After killing King Joram, he proceeded to kill Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, Ahab’s relatives and Ahab’s 70 sons. He had the heads of the 70 sons of Ahab put in a basket.Finally, Jehu had the servants of Baal killed at the temple. Jehu pretended that he wanted to offer sacrifice at the temple of Baal. After he finished making offerings, he instructed the guards to kill all teh Baal worshipers. The temple of Baal was demolished and .converted to a latrine. They also demolished Baal’s sacred stone.


Jehoahaz reigned from 814 – 798 B.C. He reigned for 17 years. During the reign of Jehoahaz, Aram was heavily oppressing the Israelites. Jehoahaz sought God and God delivered them. The Israelite were able to live in thier homes, like before but nothing has been left of the army except 50 horsemen, 10 chariots and 10,000 foot soldiers.


Jehoash reigned from 798 – 782 B.C. He reigned for 16 years. During Jehoash’s reign, Elisha fell very ill. When Jehoash went down to see Elisha, Elisha instructed him to open the east window and shoot arrows. Jehoash only shoot 3 times. Elisha was angry and rebuked him that he should have shoot 5 or 6 times so that Aram will be completely destroyed. Since Jehoash shoot only 3 times, he will only defeat Aram for 3 times.

Jeroboam II

Jeroboam II reigned from 782 B.C. – 753 B.C. He reigned for 41 years. Jeroboam II restored the boundaries of Israel from Lebo Hamath to the Dead Sea.


Zechariah reigned for 753 – 752 B.C. He reigned for 6 months.Zechariah was assassinated by Shallum, son of Jabesh. `Shallum attacked Zechariah in front of the people and succeeded him as king. This fulfilled the prophesy spoken to Jehu that he will has a heir to the throne until the 4th generation..


Shallum reigned for only 1 month in 752 B.C. Shallum was assassinated by Menahem.


Menahem reigned from 752 – 742 B.C. He reigned for 10 years. Menahem killed Shallum and succeeded the throne of Israel. Menahem was attacking Tiphsah at that time nad he ripped open all pregnant women. King Pul of Assyria attacked Israel and Menahem gave him 1000 talents of silver to hold his kingdom. He obtained 1000 talents of silver by making every wealthy person contribute 50 shekels.


Pekahiah reigned from 742 – 740 B.C. He reigned for 2 years. Pekahiah was assassinated by Remaliah. Remaliah assasinated Pekahiah, Argob and Arieh along with 50 men of Gilea in the citadel of the royal palace.


Pekah reigned from 740 – 732 B.C. He reigned for 20 years. During the reign of Pekah. King Tiglath Pileser of Assyria took a number of towns including Ijon, Abel Beth Maakah, Janoah, Kedesh, Hazor. Gilead, Galilee, all the land of Naphtali, and deported the people to Assyria. Hosea assassinated Pekah and succeeded the throne of Israel.


Hoshea reigned from 732 – 712 B.C. He reigned for 9 years. Hoshea was the last king of Israel. King Shalmaneser of Assyria attacked Hoshea because he betrayed him and stopped paying tribute. He sent envoy to Egypt. King Shalmaneser laid siege on Samaria for 3 years and finally captured it. He deported the Israelites to Assyria and settled them in Halah, in Gozan on the Habor River and in the towns of the Medes.