Does God Get Jealous?

deuteronomy-4-24The bible mentions that God can get jealous about people who disobey him, for example turning away from him to idols. Jealousy is a sin. We are not to envy or jealous of someone because he has something you don’t have. But God’s jealous is different. God is jealous for the right reason. He gets jealous because he wants us to walk in his commandments. His jealousy is for our own good, so that we can turn to him and abide in him and walk uprightly.

God does not want us to worship other gods. He wants us to be completely devoted to him. He wants us to only worship him. It is a sin to try to integrate the teachings of other religions into your Christian faith. Many people like to follow the world by compromising such as doing yoga, tai chi and etc with an excuse to improve their health. God’s words clearly say that we are not to be conformed to the pattern of the world but rather be renewed in the word of God daily.

You must always keep God’s commandments in your heart and put them first in everything that you do. You must strictly obey God’s commandment without trying to compromise for your own convenience. Only those who have keep his commandments without deviating to the left or right will inherit eternal life and enter into the kingdom of God.

It is easy to give in and compromise when there are so many negative influences in the world. There are many preachers who don’t preach the truth. If you want to know how to follow God properly, you must read and study the bible. You can also evangelize and teach others what you have learned after studying the bible.

God is loving but he is also fair at the same time. He rewards the people who obey his commandments and punish those who disobey his commandments. God punish sinners up to the third generations. This is why people suffer from generational curses. If the same bad incident repeatitively happen on one family member after another, it is probably a generational curse. For example, if your father, cousins, and uncles all die of diabetes, it may be a generational curse. You must break the generational curse in Jesus name so that you won’t suffer the same fate.

However, those who obey him will be blessed and have everything go well with them. If there is no punishment, people would keep on doing crimes and refuse  to obey God. When punishment is set, people will be more reluctant to do bad things and disobey God.

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God (Exodus 34:14 KJV)