Sermon Outline On John 6:25-35

Sermon Outline On John 6:25-35

Previous to the passage we read today Jesus had just fed the five thousand with the five loaves and the two fish and had gone off to pray. Many of the people had hung around waiting for Jesus to appear but they finally realized He was gone. Jesus and the disciples had actually gone back to His home in Capernaum after Jesus prayed. They wanted to know why Jesus had come here. After all, he had been with the Jews where they were. It was a great time with over five thousand people and all the food you could desire to fill your stomachs. And now, of all things, He was in a town filled with Gentiles.  Why would He want to come here?  However, Jesus did not care to answer this question because it was not important.  Instead He wanted to challenge them on the truth of what it is they were really wanting versus what it is they really needed.

So, Jesus said, you really aren’t looking for me you are only here because your stomachs were filled with food.  Instead I want you to see and know the One who is the Bread of Life and the One who gives you this bread is standing before you.  And, if you believe in Me, you will never be hungry again.  They still didn’t understand what Jesus wanted because they asked, ‘What must we do to perform the works of God?’Â  As good Jews they believed in works righteousness and that if you work hard enough and well enough then God will bless you and only then would they receive this Bread of Life.

Jesus simply said, that the work of God is to believe in the One who has been sent by God.  How unimaginable for them that it was a matter of simply believing and not just about doing!

Well, if Jesus was the One that God had sent then they wanted a sign ‘“ prove to them that He is truly the One ‘“ I guess feeding over five thousand with five loaves and two fish was not enough ‘“ and for them it wasn’t!  They went on to try and further challenge Jesus by quoting the Torah and stating that Moses was the one who gave them manna from heaven.  For the Jews there was a strong belief that if Moses gave them the manna in the days of wondering the wilderness then the Messiah who is to come was far surpass this great work.  What was Jesus going to do?  Because for them the feeding of the five thousand came from earthly bread and the manna did not.  So, show us Jesus.  For the Jew it was about looking to the past and what had happened with their ancestors and looking to the future and the promise and hope of the Messiah.  The bread of the past sustained them in the wilderness.  The bread of the future, of the Messiah, was to give them eternal life.  Surely the One to come would give them something better then just earthly bread.

First, Jesus reminded them that the manna that came was not from Moses but from God.  Jesus went on to say, ‘For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world’¦. I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty’.  Jesus wanted them to see beyond the earthly bread also to the One who provided the bread and what blessings and grace that God has to give to us.  Jesus wanted them to see beyond the miracle of the feeding of the more than five thousand and instead see the One who gave the miracle and who gives the gift of life and the gift of grace.

Too often we tend to just see those things that are right in front of us and take them at face value and fail to see the full picture that is at hand.  And that is what had happened to them and we sometimes do the same thing today.

It’s kind of like the eight-year-old child that goes out to play every evening before supper.  And, her mother had told her that each time I call you need to come immediately because your Father is home and supper is on the table.  Well, several times when the Mother would call out to her she would never come immediately and instead it would take her ten minutes to get home even though she was just down the street.  Each time she got in trouble with her parents for being late.  She would try to say something to her Father but he would never hear her ‘excuses’ and would tell her to mind her and be obedient.  Finally, when it happened again she was sent to her room without any supper for not obeying her parents.  The girl cried in her room but did as she was told.  Later that night the mother went in to speak to her about what she had done and why she was punished.  Finally, she asked her if she had anything to say.  Finally, she was allowed to tell her Mom that each time she was called to come home she was taking four-year-old Timothy home and walking him across the street so he would be safe from cars and because his mother never watched for him.  The Mother was sick to her stomach.  She had only seen one side of the story and thought her daughter was being disobedient when instead she was being compassionate and looking out for her friend.  The Mother apologized to her for not having listened to her and thanked her for being so considerate of the small child and got her some supper.  The Mother had only seen one picture of what was going on but had missed the greater picture of love and grace that was occurring through her daughter.

Too often we only see things at face value and we do not see the whole picture of what is going on.  All the people had seen and experienced were the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.  They completely missed the message of the Messenger and who Jesus is and His grace that He was trying to teach them about.  It is not enough for us to simply come and be fed and to receive the bread.  It is not enough for us to simply come to church and say that we have met Jesus and dined at His table.  Instead, we are invited to come and know Jesus, to hear His message and we must believe in Jesus who gives us eternal life.  We need to know the message and the Messenger in Jesus Christ.  When we receive Jesus as the bread of life who sustains us we will never be hungry.  And when we believe in Jesus as the bread of life then we will not be thirsty because we will be filled with the living waters.

Jesus said, no greater love then this the One who lays down his life for His friends.  And, that is what Jesus has done for us.  He has called us brother and sister and He has called us friends.  Jesus laid down His life for us so that we can have the gift of eternal life.  No greater friend is there in this world then we have in Jesus Christ.  He is the One that will always be by your side, who will love you, and who will never leave you.  He is your friend forever.

When we come to the true Bread of Life, Jesus, then we will never be hungry again in our souls accept to only desire to know Him more.  And, to thank Him for the fact that no matter what happens in your life ‘“ job changes, problems with kids, problems with work, health issues, or the loss of loved one ‘“ that you will remember and thank God for always being there for you and your family and that is the greatest blessing of all we have in our lives.  Thanks be to God and His Son Jesus Christ for the abundance of blessings in our lives.  Amen.