Sermon Outline On Luke 2:1-20

Sermon Outline On Luke 2:1-20

This is one of the greatest stories ever told. A story that never grows old now matter how many times we hear it. How can it grow old? This is the story of God’s love, God’s joy, and God’s hope for us through the Savior. This is the start of the beautiful life story of God coming down to us in the form of a baby ‘“ so innocent, so sweet and so pure.

Mary and Joseph were like so many people who were forced to travel to Joseph’s family’s hometown in order to register for the census. Of course, this was also all a part of God’s plan and a part of the prophecy that Jesus was to be born in the town of Bethlehem, the land and home of King David. So they arrived and Mary came due while they were there. Joseph tried to get them a room in the inn but there was simply no room with all of the people in from out of town. Somehow, though, they found this stable out of the weather and away from the crowds where Mary could give birth.

I can just imagine how the new parents must have felt. No doubt they were like all new parents rejoicing over their new child and giving thanksgiving that the delivery went ok and the baby boy was healthy. But, just as they had these thoughts how overwhelmed they must have been to realize that they were holding God’s child in their arms. Their savior was really here with them, lying in their arms. And, somehow, this newborn child was going to grow into a man and would save all people for all time in a way they could not understand. How overwhelming things must have been for them as they celebrated their newborn king ‘“ their Son.

Soon, though the story turns to shepherds who were innocently and quietly watching over their flocks of sheep. The hill country in Bethlehem is beautiful. The hills stand tall and are rolling and green. You can just imagine the sheep, some bedded down and some grazing, laying across the hillside as the shepherds guarded them from the coyotes and cougars of the night. And, then suddenly, there was that bright light as the angels descended down from heaven. How terrifying the experience had to have been for the shepherds. Even the angels knew it would be overwhelming and they told them immediately to be not afraid. And, then the Good News of Jesus birth was shared with them and they could go and find him in the town of Bethlehem. What’s amazing in some ways is that after the angels sang of God’s Good News is that the shepherds did not dwell over what had just happened to them. They didn’t stand around asking, did that really happen? They didn’t sit around wondering why they were the one’s getting the message of this good news instead of the Temple priests, kings and queens, or someone else. But, instead they responded to the Good News of the Savior that they had all been praying for was now waiting for them in a stable in Bethlehem. They went immediately, leaving there flocks, and went to find this newborn king. How exciting and thrilling this must have been.

In fact, Scripture tells us they went with haste ‘“ they went fast ‘“ they didn’t want to lose one moment with the opportunity to see Jesus and to worship Him. After they knelt down and worshiped Him they shared their experience of what happened to them in the field with Mary and Joseph and they cherished these things in their hearts. No doubt, one more affirmation for Mary Joseph that the experience they were having was so real and that now, even now, in the first hours after Jesus birth God was letting the world know that Jesus had come to the earth. This son of there’s would never truly be just their own. Their Son had come to save the world.

Whose baby is this? This baby is yours ‘“ He is Christ the Savior born to you and to me. He is your Savior. He is a part of us and is here to stay.

What is it you want for Christmas? I pray that it is your Savior and that tonight and each day of your life He is born anew into your heart filling you with grace, joy, love, peace, hope and forgiveness. I pray that you know Christ as your Savior so that you can know the joy of being forgiven, of forgiving others and of knowing salvation is yours for all eternity. Jesus is the greatest gift ever given and He is given for you. The greatest gift God gives to you and I hope you accept this gift given with passion and love for you. Thanks be to God. Amen.